4 Easy Great Ways To Start Your Week Right!

Do you have some problems start your week the right way? With the proper mindset?

Everything from your motivation, to your eating habits, to your productivity to your mood can be affected by the way you prepare your week. So here 4 Easy Great Ways To Start Your Week Right! Four easy tricks to add in your ‘Sunday night – Monday Morning’ routine to assure that your week takes of the proper way!

1)Start the week on Sunday evening.


Okay, I know you want to get the most of your weekend but to avoid your brain to going from relaxed state to absolute madness about remembering everything that you need to get done that week.  Having a plan of some sort for the week ahead is a great way to get rid of the Sunday evening madness/Monday morning anxiety!

If you spend a short amount of time on a Sunday afternoon making a quick brainstorm of what you need to do the following week you can relax in the evening and enjoy the last few hours of your weekend knowing that when you wake up the following day, your week is already mapped out.  Planning ahead like this makes you incredibly less stressed and more productive.

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2) Make exercise a priority.

Set your good habits from the beginning of the week, exercise included. I start my week at 7:30 AM with a Yoga class.  It helps me to slowly get in the week! Nowadays there are a lot of possibilities. Gyms open really early in the morning or you can go for some jogging.  This will really clear your head and gives you that energy that you’ll need to get through the week productively and in good spirits. And most of the time if you go to the gym on Monday, it will be easier to plan your workouts for the rest of the week and eventually you’ll train more times that week. Planning your exercise ahead of time makes such a difference.

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3) Get up earlier on a Monday

Do you ever notice those days when you wake up before the alarm and got time to do everything with a lot of time to spare? Well, If you wake up a little earlier, you might turn your Monday Morning stress in something a little more ‘mood friendly’. Yes, this means set your alarm to some earlier hour but by doing this, you’ll probably have some time to take a long breakfast or have some time to spare in an invigorating shower and maybe do some breathing exercises and meditation before you go out and face the world like a warrior! Make these earlier hours some time for yourself.

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4) Face the worst first!

Do you know that tasks that you’ve put aside for weeks now and have been driving you anxious and nervous? Well, face it you don’t want to do them! Attack them at the beginning of the week and you can be done with them and while completing them will give you a huge boost of motivation and a great sense of accomplishment.


Do you already use any of these techniques? Do you use more?
Please feel free to share it!
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